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Hyde Corporate Finance is a firm of London and Surrey based company merger, acquisition and sale specialists, driven by getting the best result for your business

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We help throughout the whole deal process - from the marketing through to the negotiations to advising on the most tax efficient structures – a vital aspect in maximising returns.

We Care

Your merger, acquisition or sale is not just another deal for us. We’re not about statistics but about helping business owners to realise their goals.

Happy People

"Hyde helped us take Attlaw from the brink of disaster to a fantastic business. Their negotiating skills achieved an excellent deal for all parties" -
Mike Crump, Attlaw Security Plc

2 + 2 = 4, 5, 6, 7.... what adds up for you?

The odd mistake or misjudgement in running a business can be corrected or overcome but when it comes to merging you may only get one chance. The process of merging companies can be fraught, the traps and pitfalls being wide and varied.

A successful merger or joint venture can lead to cost efficiencies, increased profits, new market penetration, and a stronger management team with complementary skills.

If you are struggling to make progress at a difficult time, then it may well be the right moment to be considering and seeking out a strategic merger, possibly leading to an acquisition in the future.

However, while the idea of a merger may be attractive, great caution is required and it should be remembered that the 'bride and groom' have to live together afterwards.

The considerations of 'fit' become of critical importance when it comes to a merger if you want to avoid the risk that you may 'marry in haste, repent at leisure'.

Hyde Corporate Finance have the M&A skills and experience to evaluate and effect the merger process to a successful and harmonious conclusion.

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